The answer to the question, “How do I scrap my car in Cannock?” is easy, Chase Metal Recycling are your local car breakers and scrap metal experts covering Cannock and the South Staffordshire area. Once your car has reached the end of its roadworthy life, through age or accident damage, we are here to buy scrpa vehicles once they are no longer economically viable to run.

Scrap Your Car in Cannock With Chase Metal Recycling

Scrapping your car, van, 4×4, or truck, in Cannock needs to be done responsibly. Don’t take chances with offers that seem too good to be true and make sure you give us a call at Chase Metal Recycling. We are DVLA licensed and an End of Life Vehicle and Licensed Authorised Treatment Facility. This means we can issue you with a Certificate of Destruction, otherwise known as a CoD. When you hand over your vehicle to us, have your paperwork to hand and complete the transfer of details to us by giving us your vehicle registration certificate, the V5c. You keep hold of Section 3 as proof of the notification of sale or transfer. In receiving your Certificate of Destruction, we are now responsible for scrapping your vehicle in Cannock. You can be confident that we will break your car and recycle your vehicle in accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealer Act 2013. We also pay very good prices for scrap cars in and around Cannock. Get a scrap car quote from us via the Chase Metal Recycling online scrap calculator.

We Can Safely Remove Your Car in Cannock

Being fully compliant with all the rules and regulations surrounding the removal of scrap cars and vehicles which have reached the end of their life on the road. The team at Chase Metal Recycling will take your car away securely on one of our trucks. Once back at our centre, we will remove any potentially hazardous fluids and dispose of them responsibly. We will break your car into parts which can be salvaged and reused. Any other components will be stripped down and grouped for recycling. We are all encouraged to do our bit for the environment and Chase Metal Recycling are here to facilitate that in accordance with scrap metal laws.

To find out more about how to scrap your car in Cannock, please contact us.

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