Scrap Metal Recycling

At Chase Metal Recycling Ltd, we are committed 100% to offering you the best possible price for your scrap metal. With more than 23 years’ worth of experience as one of the Midlands leading scrap metal specialists, we have a reputation for providing a fantastic service with no hidden costs or nasty surprises! Our services are available to domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors and we regularly work with tradesmen and contractors. For a comprehensive service which involves free quotations and a fast, free and easy metal waste collection, look no further!

We Buy All Types of Scrap Metal

No matter how big or small your metal waste may be, we are confident that we can provide you with a professional and cost effective service. Our experience, industry knowledge, and policies set us apart from other scrap metal companies and we always strive to deliver an efficient and reliable service.

Today, sourcing professional metal recycling is becoming increasingly important as not only does it help to protect the environment but it also helps to save energy. In fact, the production of new metal products releases more greenhouse gas emissions into the environment than making products from recycled metal. What’s more, scrap metal recycling reduces pollution, reduces waste going to landfills and contributes to reducing the destruction of natural habitats from mining for new ore.

As experts in scrap metal recycling, we buy ALL types of metal including ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. We also provide FREE collections as standard and we also have several depots across the Midlands which you can drop your metal off at if you’d prefer. If required, we can also buy and collect end of life cars and abandoned vehicles legally and at the best possible price. Prices offered for your scrap metal are based upon weight and we provide all customers with the free use of our weighbridge which is certified by weights and measures.

We take all scrap metal!

What are Ferrous Metals?

Ferrous scrap metal includes a wide range of domestic and industrial objects including, but not limited to:

  • Iron & Steel
  • Light Iron & Cars
  • Machinery
  • Scrap parts from old cars
  • Household appliances
  • Demolition site scrap metals
  • Irony Alloy
  • Engines & Gear Boxes

Ferrous metals are magnetic and feature little resistance to corrosion, examples include iron, steel and light iron.

What are Non-Ferrous Metals?

Non-Ferrous metals are worth more than ferrous due to them boasting desirable qualities such as a resistance to corrosion, low weight, a high conductivity and non-magnetic properties. We offer competitive prices for non-ferrous metals, examples including:

  • Copper
    • Tanks
    • Tube
    • Bright Wire
  • Brass – Bronze & Gun Metal
  • Cable – Household & Armoured
  • Stainless steel
  • All Grades of Alluminium
  • Alloy wheels
  • Lead
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Electric Motors

Request a Quote for Your Scrap Metal Today

If you are a tradesman needing to dispose of scrap metal or you’re a homeowner looking for a quick and professional scrap metal removal, Chase Metal Recycling Ltd can help. We always provide our customers with the best possible prices and offer free collections. We are Environment Agency licensed and we are also DVLA Certified, Council Contractors and police approved.

If you would like to find out more information about our scrap metal recycling service, please contact us on 01543 428 080, a member of our friendly and dedicated team will be more than happy to help!